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If you want to drill down and get to the finer details of your energy use, you need a full Energy Audit.


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A Utiltywise Energy Audit is a full review of your business premises and is conducted by our teams of qualified and accredited energy surveyors. It tells you what steps you need to take in order to make energy savings.

Get detailed information on your energy use

Our energy surveyors will analyse and provide a full report on your current electricity, gas, and water consumption, as well as your carbon dioxide emissions and annual energy spend.

The objective of the Energy Audit is to highlight the physical and behavioural changes that will reduce energy consumption. The savings from each of the change measures are shown, along with the associated payback period.

Energy-saving devices

Some of the energy savings suggested by your Energy Audit will be energy-saving devices that can help you reduce your energy consumption. These energy saving devices could be timers, boiler controls, energy efficient lighting, or motion sensors, to name but a few. Each will be shown with the energy saving it would achieve, the carbon footprint reduction, and the expected payback period.

All of our Energy Audits are produced using the Utilitywise Audit Tool. We’re proud to say that this system, built by our energy experts, is now used as the auditing system by several energy suppliers

What does the Energy Audit analyse?

The Energy Audit is conducted by an experienced Utilitywise Energy Manager, who can quickly identify improvements in equipment and behaviour change that can make real and quantifiable energy savings.

A Utilitywise Energy Audit covers:

  • Building fabrication

  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

  • Water use

  • Lighting

  • All electrical systems, including machinery

  • Any monitoring systems

Prioritise energy saving projects

The Energy Audit is effectively a plan that will allow you to prioritise energy saving projects and help you find ways to implement them. Some of the projects will be harder to implement than others, and will involve changes in your staff behaviour.

Staff behaviour projects often result in considerable savings for very little investment in equipment. The University of Bradford reduced the energy consumption at the School of Health Studies by 33% through a behavioural change alone. The success of the behavioural modification was measured by Edd:e, our circuit-level energy monitoring system.

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