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A fast and efficient way to find out if your supplier owes you money.

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Why should I get my bills checked?

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    Save Money

    We can identify if you have been overpaying. If you have, we will even organise a refund on your behalf.

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    Peace of mind

    Bills can be confusing. But you can relax knowing that your bills have been checked by one of our Energy Experts.

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    Improve Efficiency

    We’ll help you identify any potential cost-saving opportunities and offer a free Energy Health Check to help you benchmark.

Find out if you could save

Contact Utilitywise today and one of our Energy Experts will take a look over your bill.

We can advise you on whether or not you are currently on the best plan for your operating hours and energy requirements, whilst also identifying any discrepancies or over-payments to give you complete peace of mind when it comes to your bills.

In cases where we find over-payments have been made, we can also organise for a refund to be made on your behalf.

“We would thoroughly recommend David and Utilitywise – they are professional, knowledgeable and the overall experience was second to none”

– Sean McDonnell, Treasurer, Ardee Celtic F.C.

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Why use Utilitywise

We pride ourselves on being trusted advisors to over 40,000 businesses across Ireland and Europe who have used us to save time and money.

We can search the market your behalf to find the most suitable tariffs and we’ll take the time to explain them, and if you did decide to switch, we’ll even take care of it for you.


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