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Our Market Intelligence service can help you make informed decisions about your energy contracts and how your business uses energy.

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colleagues reviewing energy market intelligence reports

With our energy Market Intelligence service, you can make energy management decisions with confidence.

At Utilitywise, we pride ourselves on the information we provide to our clients allowing them to make informed decisions relating to their energy contracts.

Our market intelligence reviews are varied and range from a Daily Energy Review to European Country specific report.

By receiving regular market reviews, interpreted in an easy to digest format, Utilitywise clients can be confident in the decisions they make relating to energy procurement and management.

You will also benefit from the support of our team of Market Intelligence Analysts. We are flexible in our approach and can support you in areas such as long-term price forecasts and bespoke market reporting.


Our Market Intelligence service will provide you with:

  • A team of energy experts with over 30 years of combined experience in the industry interpreting key market drivers on a daily basis so you don’t have to.
  • Market Intelligence reviews delivered directly to you via email at a frequency that suits your organisation.
  • The option to view top line information or a detailed report within each review.
  • Support from our in-house team with any ad-hoc queries that may arise.
  • Any combination of our comprehensive reviews.

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With Market Intelligence from Utilitywise, you can make energy management decisions with confidence.

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