An Interview with Malcolm Emery

An Interview with Malcolm Emery

An interview with Malcolm Emery, Partner and BDM Director (Europe), Utilitywise.

Tell us a little about your background?

I have been in business for the past 30 years and have established and grown businesses from the bottom up. Utilitywise in Ireland is an example of this. I am a great believer in being positive and the old adage of failure not being able to live with persistency is now my mantra.

What is your vision for Utilitywise?

To be the best energy consultancy in Ireland.

What opportunities do you expect to see in the Irish market?

To develop and grow a sustainable business is a great opportunity in Ireland. The market continues to evolve and pressures continue to improve energy prices for business. The ongoing Brexit developments will also mean there is a need for a business like Utilitywise and for those associated or partnered with it.

Business people are busy running their businesses and don’t have time to consider the minutiae of an energy contract. It is our job to provide clarity and transparency, and when we do, we have secured another customer for the long term.

What are the changes customers should be aware of in the Irish energy market?  

I-SEM is the biggest change and as it develops customers will need clarity on how it works, what it means and what IS the correct contract and contract length. I-SEM is being designed to reduce energy prices but like all things new, will take time to settle down. As energy is fluid in terms of the cost of generation (weather, geo, and political issues can all effect generation costs) then an independent view will become more relevant and valuable than ever before.

What is happening in the energy market in Ireland is akin to what happened to the deregulation of the financial services world a few years ago. Who in business would consider buying insurance without getting the right advice from a broker? We perform a similar function in the Irish energy market as the insurance broker does in the insurance market.

How does the partner channel operate?

A partner is a business or organisation with clients, members or customers, for example, an insurance broker, an accountant, or a telecoms re-seller. The partner may want to earn some extra revenue and add value for their customers and if they do Utilitywise is an ideal business to partner with.

All the partner has to do is provide the introduction to their customer, and Utilitywise do the rest by helping the customer reduce their energy cost. When the process is complete the partner receives an agreed % of the overall commission.

What type of businesses are currently partners?

Insurance brokers, electrical contractors, merchant services providers, accountants and membership organisations.

What are the benefits of using a consultancy like Utilitywise?

Professionalism and peace of mind. Utilitywise is an established business and trusted by energy suppliers right across Ireland. There is a whole host of products and services that Utilitywise can deploy to assist in reducing energy cost: we are more than just price.​


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