On the right road to reduced bills

On the right road to reduced bills

We carry out an energy bill analysis and identify if you are currently on the right deal for your operating hours and energy requirements. Get your free energy bill analysis today.

Trying to navigate a path to cost-efficient energy supply can be a minefield. You want to get the best deal – but what if you have flexible working hours for staff or secondary energy requirements at a different site – can they be incorporated in to one completely bespoke and cost-saving plan? The simple answer is – with Utilitywise, Yes they can.

We carry out an energy bill analysis and identify if you are currently on the right deal for your operating hours and energy requirements, whilst also identifying any discrepancies or over-payments. In cases where we find over-payments have been made we will organise for a refund to be made on your company’s behalf.

Our review also includes a complete Maximum Import Capacity (MIC) analysis – an essential in getting the best value for money with your energy contract.  MIC is the limit on the total electrical demand you can place on the network, so your agreed MIC level should be high enough to meet the requirements of your business.

Each connection point on the electricity network has an MIC associated with it. The network is designed to provide you with an electricity supply that is in accordance with a specified MIC level. Business customers agree a level with ESB Networks according to their individual requirements. It is calculated on the total electrical load installed at your premises and the timings of when your electrical equipment is in use.

How does this affect your business?

  • This is the capacity of electricity which ESB Networks will commit to delivering to your premises
  • It places a limit on the total amount of electricity you can use
  • It is a determining factor for network connection charges
  • It forms the basis for the Public Service Obligations (PSO) Levy, which is approved by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) annually

If your MIC is too high or too low for your needs – it will cost you more money than necessary. if the MIC is too high, you may be paying for more capacity than you actually require; if the MIC is too low, you may incur an ‘Excess Capacity’ charge.

Sound complicated? Don’t worry! Utilitywise will walk you through the process and offer more suitable alternatives to your current tariff or supplier. We will discuss all of your energy needs and highlight services to improve your energy efficiency, so you can be safe in the knowledge that no matter what the direction of the company, you’re getting the right deal to help take you there.


Elaine Williams

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