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If you’re looking for the benefits of flexible energy procurement but don’t quite have the buying power, Portfolio could be for you.

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What is Portfolio Energy Procurement?

The ability to buy energy flexibly has historically only been a viable option for the largest of consumers.

At Utilitywise, we wanted to provide smaller clients with the same opportunity to capitalise on falling markets. With this in mind, we developed Portfolio.

flexible energy contract enables you to take advantage of an ever-changing energy market. Our solution will give you access to a flexible deal whilst also providing the budget certainty of a fixed-price, fixed-term energy contract.

It is a fully risk-managed purchasing option which benefits from group buying power, best practice Risk Management and an excellent track record.

Why choose Portfolio Energy Procurement from Utilitywise

  • Even if your energy consumption is small, we can help you achieve the same benefits as a large energy user.

  • We can ensure you keep to your own strategy whilst benefitting from group buying power so that your energy is procured in line with your own risk appetite.

  • Utilitywise saves you time and resources by managing the entire process on your behalf.

  • You won’t be tied to one strategy; our Portfolio gives you the flexibility to change your strategy during the contract should your business needs or risk appetite change.

Gain a crucial advantage in your market with Portfolio Energy Procurement.

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