Risk-Managed Contracts

For businesses open to flexible energy contracts, there is great opportunity to reduce energy costs, but it does carry an element of risk.

If you’ve secured a flexible energy contract, we have the in-house expertise to manage any risk.

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The energy market is complex. We’ll help you understand your position in the market and get the most from your flexible contract.

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Why choose a risk managed contract for my business?

When we advise a customer that a risk-managed contract would work best for their business, our Risk Management team have made sure that our customer’s specific needs and procurement objectives will be met by that type of contract.

Due to the supplier relationships we have built up over the years, we are also able to offer our customers favourable supplier terms and our experienced team employ robust trading strategies when managing this type of contract.

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Why choose a Risk-Managed Contract from Utilitywise?

  • Managing risk requires resources and time – we’ll assign a dedicated team to work on your behalf.

  • You’ll have the ability to change your strategy to fit your needs, rather than be bound by just one.

  • It can be complicated to determine your position in the market; our specialist team do this for you.

  • We conduct regular review meetings to discuss progress and strategy.

  • The Utilitywise Corporate Risk Management team have been managing flexible contracts since 2004 and look after some of the largest energy users in the UK in a variety of market sectors.

  • We’re expers – we work with thousands of businesses across Ireland, the UK and Europe, helping them to manage and monitor their utilities.

Our Risk Managers trade in excess of €200m of future electricity and €65m of future gas.

On average, our clients gas positions are 9% below their starting price – a fantastic saving for our clients.

At Utilitywise, we pride ourselves on our innovative purchasing solutions and can fully manage detailed fixed or flexible contract electricity and gas contract tender negotiations.

When you choose to work with us, you’ll receive the support of a dedicated team who will manage your utility supplier relationships and queries, change of tenancies and ensure accurate and timely consumption data.

We have the in-house expertise to understand the market and manage risk on your behalf. We can define and implement a strategy that will allow you to reap the full rewards of a flexible contract.

We’ll even help manage this process to reduce the risks involved in flexible energy procurement.

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