The energy market in Ireland is changing, are you ready?

I-SEM is set to replace the current electricity market model, allowing cross-border trading to increase competition in the market.

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Ireland’s energy market is changing, make sure you’re ready.

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What is I-SEM?

I-SEM (Integrated Single Electricity Market) is a new wholesale market that will integrate Ireland with its European neighbours to increase cross-border trading.

It’s purpose is to encourage greater competition and transparency in the energy market.

This will replace the current SEM (Single Electricity Market) model.

Utilitywise can help you navigate I-SEM and understand what it means for your business.

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How Utilitywise can help you navigate I-SEM

I-SEM promises to shake up the energy market.

It’s intended purpose to increase market competition means it will be a good time to review your energy agreements and make sure your business is still on the right contract, with the right supplier.

  • We’ll speak with you to understand your business’ energy usage and requirements, getting a clear understanding of your needs.

  • We’ll help you to find an energy supplier and contracts that best meet your needs.

  • We’re independent and transparent – so you can trust us to find the right energy contract for your business.

  • We have energy market expertise so we’re well-placed to give you insight and advice on how to negotiate changes as a result of I-SEM.

So what’s changing?

Currently, power generators receive payments for being ready to supply the grid during periods of high demand.

I-SEM will see energy firms bid through auctions to provide a backup supply instead, the idea being that increased competition will encourage price decreases for consumers.

However, the roll-out of I-SEM has been turbulent – an initial target launch date of May 2018 has since been pushed back until October 2018, causing further uncertainty. What’s certain is that you’d benefit from reviewing your energy choices.

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With our expertise in energy and our knowledge of the energy market, we can help you understand the changes as they happen and how they relate to Irish businesses.

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