ISO 14001
Environmental Management

The ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Standard helps organisations identify, manage and control the activities that have an environmental impact.

Utilitywise can help your business to meet ISO 14001 requirements.

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The ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Standard helps organisations identify, manage and control the activities that have an environmental impact.

The ISO standard suits companies of all sizes and the critical elements are:

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    Defining environmental aspects

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    Analysing relevant environmental impacts

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    Removing the impacts

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    Improved environmental performance

How Utilitywise can help

We have a dedicated team of experts to assist you in ensuring your business meets the ISO 14001 requirements.

We offer two service options:

1. Full Implementation Service – we fully manage the process from start to completion.

2. Mentor Service – we provide an advisory role on the project.

Both options cover, to varying levels:

  • Gap Analysis and Integration of EMS manuals:
    We review all EMS manuals and electronic documentation to ensure your compliance with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard. We’ll also check all registers and procedures that have already been developed for completeness and relevance.

    Discuss and Implement changes and Integrate Documentation:
    Dependent on Gap Analysis outcome, we’ll help you make sure that Environmental Management System manuals are integrated into one master document including policy, templates, registers and procedures.

    Comprehensive Support:
    We’ll provide on-going assistance and review the EMS Implementation Phase. We provide supporting documentation, including procedures, training, a system for document control and emergency preparedness.

  • Review and Discuss Checking Stage:
    We’ll check the monitoring and measurement of key characteristics of operations and activities identified as having a significant impact on the environment. We’ll review your internal audit procedure and ensure that procedures describing the audit process meet the ISO 14001 requirements. We also review your auditing schedule.

    Management Review Meetings:
    We’ll meet with your team to make sure that actions from the meeting are carried out in the appropriate time frames.

    Pre-Audit Guidance:
    We’ll support you in preparation for Phase 1 of the audit certification and implement changes required following the audit.

    Audit Certification Guidance:
    Where required, we can liaise with accredited certification bodies and be present on site during the initial review and final audits from the external certification body.

Why choose Utilitywise?

Utilitywise has a dedicated team who are able to offer you an all-encompassing service at the highest level. Our experts will:

  • Provide you with essential guidance and support to make life simpler for you

  • Interpret the legislation for you to avoid confusion

  • Provide you with peace of mind and reassurance that your compliance is in safe hands

  • Inform you on any legislative changes that may affect your organisation

  • Assist you in reducing waste and increasing efficiency

  • Help you to achieve a competitive advantage over other businesses through effective implementation and hitting set targets

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